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Our Vision
Our mission is to lead our clients to grow and reach a whole new level in their business by providing our “two strengths” in experience branding: One is our creativity to create a new concept which drives our client’s vision and strategy to the only one position in the market. The other strength is our technical knowledge and capabilities as an architect to realize those new concepts which have often never been done before. This is what we mean by “Archicept” – a coined word derived from Architecture and Concept.
Our business is not only to design shop interior or products but also to create new scenes and lifestyles which will bring whole new communication among people in the city. We vision that a variety of our works in the next twenty years would create many attractive cities on earth where people enjoy their lives through rich communication between each other. That is our vision.
Atsushi Muroi

1975 Born in Hiroshima
2000 Graduated from Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science.
Entered Hakuhodo Inc. Worked on various projects of showroom and retail shop branding, space design consulting, experience communication as a space design specialist.
2007 Set up a project team to specialize in “Experience Branding”
2009 Made a presentation in Milano Salone 2009 (SaloneSattellite)
2011 Worked as a part-time instructor at Kanazawa College of Art
2012 Was appointed Creative Director of Hakuhodo, — became the first case from not traditional advertising fields.
2013 Left Hakuhodo and established “Archicept city” in Tokyo
Continues to work as a “Fellow” of Hakuhodo
Also a board member and Chief Creative Officer of omotesando-futonten Co. Ltd. in Tokyo


Red dot design award best of the best 2011/JCD best100 2011/2012/DDA award 2008/2009/2010/2011 Good design award 2009/2011/Cannes lion design finalist 2009/Spikes asia design finalist 2009/AD star design finalist 2009 etc.